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  1. How to manage your customers' accounts through your Customers tab.
  2. When a Loyalty Card code is created.

Managing your customers through your Customers tab:

Through your customers tab, you can manage your entire customer list. In this tab you will see:

  • The customer’s name and email.
  • Total spent - the Lifetime Value of the customer.
  • Credit Balance - the balance on the customer’s account.
  • Loyalty Card Code - this is the code which all Store Credit and rewards will be stored on for each customer that has an account in your store.
  • Status - Member (with a store account) or Non-Member (without a store account). Please notice that only customers with a store account will be able to take advantage of the checkout quick apply button and accumulating Store Credit using one code. 
  • Adjust Balance button - manually adjust the Store Credit balance for specific customers.
  • Create Loyalty button - create a Loyalty Card code with an initial balance.

You can search for specific customers via the search bar at the top,based on a customer name, email or customer tag.

If you click on a customer, you’ll be able to see the customers details and history:

And no worries, all changes to the Customers tab on your Shopify admin will be immediately reflected on your Rise customer table.

When is a Loyalty Card code created?

A Loyalty Card code is created either on the first time a customer with a store account (member) receives a reward, or if it was manually created via the Create button.

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