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  1. How to create a Bulk Campaign using Upload CSV.
  2. How to migrate your Gift Cards into Shopify.

This feature is enabled for Growth plan users and above. If needed to be used during the trial period, a charge will be applied.

Our Bulk Gift Cards tool is one of the most powerful tools you can use for engaging and retaining customers. Check out How Alien Outfitters drove a 264% ROI on a Bulk Gift Cards Campaign.

How to create a Bulk Gift Card using the Upload CSV option:

Step 1:

Click on the Bulk Gift Cards tab in your Rise Dashboard, then press Create Campaign on the top right side:

Step 2:

Click on Upload CSV tab and insert the following details in a CSV file: code, balance, expiration date (if this field is left empty then the cards will never expire), customer name and customer email. Note that even if you don’t have data for a specific column you still need the column header to make it work.


  • Set the columns in the same order as shown in the photo.  e.g:

Step 3: 

Press Select CSV File, upload your file, then click on Create Gift Cards. You will receive the following message:  

We will now verify that your CSV file:

  • Doesn’t exceed your plan limit.
  • Contains the correct formatting.

Important: we recommend on contacting us through the chat box or mail to Rise Support to speed up the approval process.

You will see the campaign status as draft until it's approved.

Step 4:

After we approve your file, our system generates the Gift Cards and the status will change to running until it's finished.

The app will create a CSV file with all your campaign details. This process might take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the amount of cards you plan to create.

When the process ends, press Export to download your CSV file.

Important: You will see there is an added status column. If there are rows with the status - failed, please contact our support. 

You can see the Gift Cards generated in Gift Cards tab => Manage. Notice that the source of the Gift Cards is Campaign to indicate it was created using the bulk tool

Step 5:

Send the Gift Cards by uploading the CSV file to your emailing platform (MailChimp, SendGrid etc.). In most email providers you can add placeholders/tags so that each customer will get a unique code from the uploaded list.

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