1. Please go to your Shopify admin -> Online store --> Themes --> Actions--> Edit code
  2. Enter the liquid file that contains your product form (in most cases it is called product-template.liquid).
  3. Enter this script after your buttons' script (change bold parts to matching titles)⬇️

{% if product.title contains "eGIFT PRODUCT TITLE" %}
<style> .GiftWizard-gift-button {display: inline !important} </style>
{% if product.title contains "GIFT CARD TITLE" %}
<style> .GiftWizard-gift-button {display: inline !important} </style>
<style> .GiftWizard-gift-button {display: none !important} </style>

If you would like to place the button on a specific collection place this code on your product page (replace the "collection name" with the desired collection):
{% if collection.title contains "collection name" %}
  <style>.GiftWizard-gift-button {display:none !important}</style>
{% else %}
  <style>.GiftWizard-gift-button {display:inline !important}</style>
{% endif %}

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